SM Entertainment responds to the lip-syncing criticism

SM Entertainment recently expressed their thoughts in regards to the criticism that SNSD have been receiving for their alleged lip-syncing during their concerts in Taiwan.

On October 20th, SM Entertainment stated, “During the most recent concert in Taiwan, SNSD performed and sang over 30 songs live.”

They continued, “There were some songs where they lip-synced due to the strong choreography, but we did this only to emphasize the dancing and to put on a better on-stage performance for the Taiwanese fans to enjoy. We’re saying this again, SNSD danced and sang live to most of their songs for both their Taiwan concerts.”

SM Entertainment added, “And because the Taiwanese fans saw SNSD putting in their best effort, they passionately cheered them on throughout both concerts. SNSD was also aware that this was their first independent concert in Taiwan as well, which is why they put on an even more passionate performance – but to hear controversy over just a few songs in which they lip-synced only to emphasize the dancing is really unfair.”

SNSD held a two-day concert in Taiwan at the Taipei Arena on the 16th and 17th of October, for their first Asia tour concert, called  ‘Into the New World’.

Source + Photo: Star News



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