The Cast Of “Mischievous Kiss” Share Their Closing Remarks

Jung So-min, Lee Tae-sung and Lee Si-young have all taken the time out of their busy schedules to share their true feelings about being apart of the “Mischievous Kiss” cast.


The drama that was popular even before its debut is ending today. Even though the ratings of the show were not as high as many expected, the cast still gave it their all and have entertained us every week since September. Now, the time has come to see how they felt about their recent television project “Mischievous Kiss”.

Actress Jung So-min stated:

My feelings became a lot calmer as I began filming the last wedding scene and my character eventually got married to Seung Jo. But with the past three months of filming coming to an end, I’m left feeling both refreshed and disappointed at the same time. I’d like to thank the staff and cast members.”

Actor Lee Tae-sung expressed:

“It feels like only yesterday that I was rehearsing my lines for the first episode. Today is already the last broadcast of our 16th episode. ‘Playful Kiss’ has finally been completed in my memories. Please don’t forget the drama and Bong Gu.”

Actress Lee Si-young revealed:

As with everything that must come to an end, I feel disappointed that the drama is already over when it feels like it’s just started to me. I will make sure to properly conclude the relationship of Kyung Su and Hye Ra in the remaining time.”

What do you think about their remarks? Will you miss the drama airing on your TV every week?



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  1. will definitely miss it!!!!!!<:'((

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