Kim Hyun-Joong: “…There’s Still A Special Version(Of ‘Kiss’) Left..”

Mischievous Kiss” may be airing its final episode today,but the drama is not over yet!

While Kim Hyun-joong settles in with fans tonight to enjoy the finale to his 16 episode drama“Mischievous Kiss”, the celebrity recently revealed that the drama is not finished yet!

He stated the following in his closing remarks about the finale:

“We began filming during the heat of the summer and now it’s already cold winter. I had a lot of fun with few regrets, but there’s still a special version left so I will be sure to show everyone a good image until the very end.”

What is he referring to? Hyun-joong is talking about the official “kiss” YouTube channel. A special edition of the drama will premiere….starting November 2nd.

I don’t know about you,but I can not wait to until November 2nd! Hyun-joong is one of my favorites! His acting may not be 100% yet, but I applaud his effort and the talented cast of “kiss” for all their hard work



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  1. i agree w/ you………..he did well as BSJ….love him..

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