101012 Ku Hye Sun Twitter Update

아! 모터달린 장난감 ‘요트’요! 인형뽑기에서 뽑았습니다!!Ahh! It is a toy with an attached motor. It is a ‘yote’. I picked it out from the toy-picking-machine.

평창에서 일을 마치고 집에 돌아왔습니다. 집에 오는길에 휴개소에서 함께 일하는 동생들과 ‘뽑기’를 했는데요. 요트를 뽑았습니다! ‘요트’요!! 요트를 차에 두고내렸다고 어머니께 말씀드렸는데요. 못알아들으세요.하하하.I returned from PyeongChang after finishing up work (the filming for THE MUSICAL drama). While returning home, we stopped at the hyoo-gae-so (a resting spot or gas station on the road?). With all the dongseng(s) that I work with, we all tried to pick out the toys from the toy-picking machine. I picked out the ‘yote’. A ‘Yote’!!!. I told my mother that I left the ‘yote’ in the car. But, she does not understand me. hahahah.

Translation susAmerica@soompi.



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