Ku Hye Sun Taiwan Fan Meeting

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Full Credit Pictures Ku Hye Sun Taiwan Fan Club

Original account from Goo Hye Sun Chinese Net (aka 具惠善中文网)
Fan account by SteoreoPony@具惠善中文网


10月4號下午 跟揪揪親辜 直奔西華飯店等小善
約下午六點左右 眼力好的揪揪 就大叫喔逆 我也才頓時驚覺
我們走向小善 小善也認出我們 旁邊的經紀人哥哥 用韓文說了:”來了啊!!”

Afternoon of 10/4, the fan with another fan headed to 西華飯店, that is the hotel where HS will be staying. One of them spotted HS at around 6pm and they approached her. HS recognized them and her manager who was next to her said ‘you’ve come!!’. It appears that these 2 fans were the earliest there.

揪揪親辜送了小善禮物 小善也很好奇把玩 應該是很喜歡也覺得很有趣
帶上了車 隨即前往晚餐地點
第一天晚餐是吃鐵板燒 居然吃了3小時 大概是忙於應酬吧
約9點左右 車子先回飯店 經紀人哥哥 貌似先回飯店休息
只有小善跟翻譯 加助理 前往按摩店 這家按摩店據說是八大副總推薦的 但其實令我們有點傻眼
按摩途中 又有一位兔子親辜來看惠善 我們一起等到了1點 才按摩結束
出們的小善 看見兔子 主動上前抓住她的手 說了”好久不見”
小善覺得按摩有點痛 哈哈
魚是就詢問小善購於何處 結果”日本!!!

One of the fans gave HS a present and HS was very curious about it. She brought it along with her on the car and headed to the dinner venue. They ate Teppayaki (grill) for their dinner, and were there for 3 hours.
Around 9pm, their car headed back to the hotel. Her manager seemed to retire early at the hotel, while HS, the interpreter, and her assistant headed to the massage parlor recommended by GTV 副總 (?? GTV vice-president?? not sure). While the fans were waiting for them at the massage parlor, another fan arrived. and they waited til 1am before the massage ended. When HS came out, she saw the fan that newly arrived and HS approached that fan and took hold of her hand saying ‘i haven’t seen you in a long time’. HS thinks the massage is a bit painful. haha. We were very curious about HS’s shoes (look pretty and seem hard to buy), HS said she bought them in Japan. The first day ended~~
小善剛進來時是沒有笑容的 不過看到我們就笑了!!
重點是小善跟吳尊是一起入場的 不過 我完全無視了吳尊……..
Oct 5th, noon/afternoon
THe presscon allowed only 50 persons to enter and there were too many Wu Zun fans so we were outnumbered!!!
however, I and another fan both waited for HS on the upper level. When HS first came in, she wasn’t smiling but once she saw us, she started to smile!! THe main point is that HS entered into the room with Wu Zun but I completely ignored his existence….. (this is a male fan btw)

記者會時間相當短暫 結束後2人在飯店裡討論掰設相關事宜
直到約8點 小善才出外用餐 上車前 我們跟她說我們等很久 小善都笑笑應對 我想她自己也知道
約11點左右 才用餐完畢 小善出來時 跟小兔將禮物送給小善並握手 今天就這樣滿足了!!
原本想說時間已晚 應該回飯店 結果又去按了摩 礙於時間太晚 只好向經紀人哥哥告知我們要先回家
The presscon was very short. after it ended the two of them discussed about drama related matters at the hotel.
HS left at around 8pm for dinner. Before she got on the car, we told her we waited for very long. HS smiled back at us, i think she knew that too.
This time she headed to a restaurant recommended by Wu Zun.
Dinner ended at around 11pm. When HS came out, one fan gave HS a present and shook hands with her. We were contented just like this!!
Originally she would have gone back to the hotel since it was late, but she went to the massage parlor again. Since it was really late, we told her manager that we have to leave first.
The second day ended just like this~~~

不過出門在半路上發覺 錢包忘在家中 只好返回家 時間有所耽擱
小善還是怕生 所以眼光還是飄啊飄
Oct 6th is the great fans meeting day!!
Half way to the venue i realize i forgot my wallet and had to detour
reached the venue at ~11am. there were quite a lot of people there!!
at 12, HS appeared. She still seems shy with the crowd, so her gaze was floating(?) (as in she wasn’t focused)
however it seems like she was looking at us right from the start
開場前 工作人員徵求3位男粉絲 雖然沒選上 但還是要讓小善知道我們是高興地來看她的
一開始的圈叉遊戲 考驗對小善的了解程度 雖然有幾題 真有點難度
不過我們總覺得小善是故意幫我們幾個 選擇我們所選擇的答案
結束了問答候 勝利者就是跟小善的拍照拍立得啦!! 小善對我們很親切
輪到我拍時 還勾著我的手(真是天堂…..) 拍完還一直說謝謝
再來是選擇絕對達令遊戲啦!! 現在真是慶幸 沒被選上
上台男生要露小腿 露肚子 屁股寫字 有點無言啊!!! 真要感謝主持人沒選我啦
只是 獎品是小善喜歡男生想味道的香水 好想要啊!! 就算不是我的 好歹也讓我知道是啥味道吧!!!!(殘念)
接下來送出小善昨晚的睡衣喔 跟證件照 還有2張手印簽名
結束這些遊戲候就是訪談啦!! 見面會也進入尾聲
Before the event started, the staff requested for 3 male fans. I wasn’t picked however we were still very happy to be there. The first game was T and F where we were asked questions about HS. A couple questions were quite hard. However I felt HS was trying to help us out and choosing the answers we chose. The winner took a picture with HS. HS was very friendly, when it was time to take a picture with her, she took my arm (it felt like heaven…), she kept saying thankyou after the picture.
Another fan and HS hugged after their picture was taken (a lot of complaints arose from the crowd).
The next event was to choose the Absolute Darling!! I’m so fortunate i wasn’t picked.
The guys chosen had to show their calves, stomach and have words written on their butt (i’m flabbergasted!!). i’m thankful the MC didn’t choose me.
However, the prize given out was a perfume/cologne that HS would like on a guy. I really want that !!! even if it’s not mine, i still want to know what kinda fragrance that is!!! (regrets)
Next they gave out HS’s sleepwear from last night, and her ID picture, and 2 autographs.
After the games ended, the interview began!! The fanmeet then ended.
等了等 終於吃飽出來 一出門口就往助理背後撲上 之後看到我們要簽名 就揮著貌似”come on “的手勢
子安小姐簽到了名 J大姐也可帶著小善親筆簽名帽出門 之後將我們剩下3張拍立得交給小善 讓她在車上簽
到達機場後 我們跑去向她問些問題
雖然要求拍張團照 但小善很猶豫的說沒辦法 還一直說對不起 (我想也是有苦衷啦~~~~
然後我們有指我的鞋子給小善看 啊啊 她知道那雙鞋 因為她也有嘛
還在研究小善後背包的品牌 只是語出驚人的 小善用英文說了是她姐姐買給他的…..(原本誤以為是英文爸波
Next is a meal at a nearby restaurant!!
We waited and waited, they finally came out and HS slumped herself on her assistants back. When she realized we wanted her autograph, she made a gesture saying ‘come on’. Couple female fans got her signature (dun understand one part). And HS’s car headed to the airport!!
We ran towards her to ask her some questions when she arrived at the airport. Although we wanted to take a group photo, HS hesitantly said she can’t and kept apologizing (i think she must have her reasons~~~
We pointed to my shoe to show HS, she recognized it coz she also has a pair.
We wanted to confirm with HS whether she really liked the color yellow
and also wondered what brand her bag is. She told us in English that her sister bought her the bag.
next time i should speak to her in english.

入關前 幾個人大力擁抱 揮手道別 就這樣 結束3天訪台之旅
Before she entered the gate, several people hugged and waved goodbye. Just like that, her 3 day visit to Taiwan ended.

這次旅程中 小弟感謝相當多人
揪揪.小兔.泫雅本命的開車高手.保母車司機.計程車司機(前往中正機場) .Janet大姐 當然也很感謝 陪在小善身邊的韓方人士(經紀人…等)
小善這樣對我們 望我們真的很感動 已經一年多了 我們還是會繼續支持妳的 fighting !!!!
The person who wrote the fan account ended by thanking the other fans that he met and people who accompanied HS. He said they will continue supporting HS even though it’s been over a year.

Credit Translation webby@soompi.


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