Ku Hye Sun likes Wu Zhun, does not afraid of Lee Min Ho’s jealousy

Popular Korean Star Ku Hye Sun comes to Taiwan for promotion of the upcoming idol dram, today  a fanmeeting was held and she prepare many gifts for her lucky fans, making her fans scream and can’t wait to get on stage. She also mentioned that she loves muscular man.

Ku Hye Sun, at today’s fanmeeting, said that she likes muscular man. she also mentioned that Wu Zhun’s outlook fits in her conditions for BF. Yesterday they went together for hot pot, she originally want to buy alcohol for WuZhun but becoz of his schedule and that was cancelled.

During the event, Ku Jye Sun said that Wu Zhun is even more handsome than Lee Min Ho who worked with her in BOF. She also said that she admires Wu Zhun the most among all Taiwan artists. Ku Hye Sun said, “There’s only Wu Zhu inmy mind now, He’s the most handsome one! Lee Min Ho should be a bit angry when he heard that!”

being renowned as an intelligent beauty, Ku Hye Sun is multi-talented. apart from being an actress, she is also a movie director, her first featured film “Magic” , which talks about a group of youngsters full of passion towards music. The movie was also invited for screening at Asia Pacific Film Festival in Nov. She is now preparing for her second project, which is a story about vampire.

Ku Hye Sun, who is prepared to start filming her second movie, has finished the draft of script. it is expected to start filming next year. and when talk about the vampire story, KHS said that she is in fact afraid of ghost. But this movie is not a ghost film but a very beautiful one! When seeing so passionate support from her fans, KHS said, ” Thank  you so much! Please continue to support me!” (Reporter: Hong Li Xing)


Translation by meow13@soompi.


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