The importance of a ‘white tee, blue jeans’ mascot in idol girl groups?

In idol girl groups, it is essential to have at least one member who is vocally talented as well as a member who is responsible for the group’s visual impressions. Yet there’s one more essential member – the girl who can rock a pair of jeans. At first, this sounds ridiculous. Talent, yes. Overall image, yes. But jeans?

Jung Bo YoonLee Hyori’s famous stylist, brought up the outfit concept on a broadcast show and explained the logistics behind it: “When girl groups are made, they always include at least one member who suits the white tee-jeans outfit.” She believed that jeans emit a different kind of feminine charm when compared to sexy skirts, and would thus be able to attract many different types of fanboys.

So, which members of girl groups are known to pull off jeans?

In SNSD’s case, Yuri is considered the group’s ‘jeans’ representative. While all nine members have enviable bodies, Yuri’s voluptuous figure allows her to seamlessly pull off that sexy look when wearing a pair of plain jeans. Member Sooyoung would also be a good candidate, as she stands to a height of 170cm with her long, lean legs.

After School’s UEE also has this role for her group due to her notorious ‘honey thighs’. With a white tee, UEE can sport a fresh and innocent look – yet she can easily slip into a sexy, provocative look with the usage of smokey eye makeup.

Wonder Girls‘ Sohee, 4minute’s Gayoon, and f(x)’s Krystal were also highlighted for their ability to bring in the fanboys with their ‘jeans and white-tee’ combo.

Source + Photos: Osen


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