Kim Hyun-Joong Is “Thin And Tired”!

This was one fan’s comment after seeing the “Mischievous Kiss” actor up close.

Reports have been circulating around the internet about Kim Hyun-joong’s work habits. He gets approximately 2-3 hours of sleep a day,he works out daily during filming,takes his script with him everywhere,the international star films CFs, and models! That is probably only half of his monthly agenda!

A German fan recently met him in Korea and even had her Destination album signed. However, she quickly noticed the unhealthy appearance of our beloved star. The following was her statement about him:

“he is….. thin now, looking really tired, worn out… I hope he can get some rest soon. Really, he needs it”

Is Kim Hyun-joong overworking himself? What do you think about his current schedule?



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  1. KHJ really is a hardworking..he puts a lot of effort just not to disappoint his fans..inreturn his acting is well improving..i am personally satisfied in his acting as SJ in PK…it is just that i hope he will also look after his health coz it also worries his beloved fans..

  2. 제가요! 겁먹은 승무원 현 내가 그를 장난의 응의 모든 방식으로 볼 수 xD 너와의 시간을 자신의 불운한 승무원 튜브의 측면에 페름기의의 신사와 일치하는,하지만 당신은 너무 xD 난 당신이 모두 가까운 세계 권리를 사랑 희망 달콤한 사랑! 두려워 일치


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