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Ga-In wins Inkigayo Mutizen + other performances

SBS Inkigayo makes another return on a Sunday afternoon, which just happens to be on Halloween, so fans can look forward to a series of top performances.

The Take 7 nominees were miss A (‘Breathe‘), 2PM (‘I’ll Be Back‘), Ga-In (‘Irreversible‘), 2NE1 (‘Go Away‘), B2ST (‘Soom‘), Supreme Team (‘Then Then Then‘), and SHINee (‘Hello‘). Due to special circumstances, Supreme Team and miss A were not able to appear on the show.

As always, there is only one trophy, and the winner of this week’s Mutizen went to Ga-In who couldn’t quite believe it as she stayed silent for a few seconds before speaking! But it was really long overdue for Ga-In who have topped various music charts in recent weeks. Congratulations!

But of course, there were several other notable performances from Psy, Rainbow, SG Wannabe, Eru, Nine Muses and Bohemian, so be sure to check them out!




Jay Park contemplates a ‘hairy’ question with his Halloween costume

Halloween is finally here and you know what that means! Ghouls, ghosts, and… furballs?

On October 31st, Jay Park tweeted, “I’m thinking about growing a beard kk happy halloween,” and uploaded a photo of himself donning a fake beard and mustache.

After seeing his hilarious picture, fans left comments such as, “I’m against you growing a beard!”, “Is this a Halloween surprise? Cute”, “Not that much hair…”, and “Furball ahjusshi? Instead, change into furball oppa.”

Should Jay consider growing an actual beard?


DATV – BOF Alumni Event


Lee Min Ho Message for Asia-Pacific Global Peace & Love In Tokyo 2010

Actor LMH will be the narrator for a documentary appealing for help for the global village natural disaster victims.

The current location of Haiti and Chile will be introduced in the documentary to share the messages of sorrow and love together with UN.

The documentary will be first revealed on Nov 11 at Japan’s Tokyo Dome at a UN ‘friendship’ themed event which is also LMH’s solo charity event titled ‘love & peace’, and will be shown on Mnet Japan.

LMH’s management company Starhaus entertainment revealed that ‘we are participating since we identify with the purpose of the documentary. The recording for the narration has been completed.”

LMH says it’s an honor to take part in doing good and hope that the earthquake devastated areas of haiti, chile and indonesia will be quickly restored.

LMH’s fans have already jumped on the bandwagon to join him. LMH’s korean fan community are collecting donations for Unicef campaigns (in which LMH is the honorary ambassador) such as for Haiti. They collected 6220 thousand won for the recent Unicef sponsored G20 Asia Song Festival event, and the donation is steadily progressing through text messages.

LMH’s South America fanclub is seeking donations for US Unicef for the upcoming Christmas through twitter. Fans all over the world have also been sharing phrases like ‘please pray for Indonesia who’s going through the pain of a huge natural disaster’ through twitter since the 27th.

Fans comment that ‘it feels good to be involved in something good’, ‘i don’t think of it as just giving money for a donation. When i look at an entertainer who leads by doing good will, I am trying to share the load as much as I’m able to with the rest’,’I feel really happy to know that i can help with just 1000 won’.



Ku Hye Sun @ TIFF Q&A 2010

A fan gives Director GHS a surprise that brought happy smile.

23rd TIFF runs from Oct 23~31. GHS is also a popular actress in Japan due to BOF. YOSOOL is her first full-length feathre film. GHS is attending the Q&A session.

GHS revealed that she was inspired to write MAGIC or YOSOOL due to one of her favorite poems also called YOSOOL since high school days and the poet’s name is Han Yong Woon. Due to the complicated and very abstract nature of the poem, she cannot say she thoroughly understood the meaning of the poemm, however something in the poem sent her a message and moved her.

GHS said that she is influenced and inspried by Japan’s Director YiWaYi SooJi especially when viewers look at the snow scene. She respects the work of not only Director YiWaYi Soonji but also Director Miyazaki Hayao.

While GHS is in the middle of Q&A, a fan gave GHS a surprise gift with a birthday song? in order to congratulate GHS for her upcoming 26th birthday on Nov 9th. GHS expressed extreme happiness for such unexpected surprise that she never received before.

A fan who worried that GHS will eventually leave acting all together was very happy to hear that GHS will continue both acting and directing work. Director GHS also stated that she would like to make more fantasy films with happy endings.

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi.

Stars walking the 47th Daejong Film Awards Red Carpet

The 47th Daejong Film Awards ceremony got underway this evening, on October 29th at the Kyunghee University’s Hall of Peace, with stars arriving for the red carpet ceremony.

South Korea’s only state-funded film contest, and one of the oldest and most prestigious event, will see a grand winner among 10 different films among other awards.

MCs for the night were Shin Dong Yup and Kim Jung Eun, while idol groups SNSD and 2PM gave congratulatory performances during the ceremony.

Check out the stars who walked the red carpet, including Kim Jung Eun, Cha Ye Ryun, Seo Young Hee, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Yun Jin, Jo Yeo Jung, Shim Eun Kyung, Min Hyo Rin, Hwang Jung Eum, Lee Min Jung, Choi Daniel, Oh Ji Ho, T.O.P, Kim Sae Ron, Won Bin, and many more.


2PM wins K-Chart again on Music Bank + other performances

After a break last week due to a live baseball game broadcast, Music Bank is back again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances as usual.

There were several eye-catching comeback stages tonight, featuring 2AM and SNSD, while rookie group Touch also made their belated debut after M! Countdown and Music Core last week. There were goodbye stages also for SHINee, Se7en and B2ST.

Last week’s winner, 2PM was back in the running for #1 against Gummy for the K-Chart. In the end, it was 2PM gets their second consecutive win for “I’ll Be Back”. Congratulations to 2PM!

Other performers tonight include Sori (feat. Naco), Chae Dong Ha, Outsider, Eru, Nine Muses, NS Yoon Ji, Kim Jin Ho, U-Kiss, Norazo (feat. Kimm), Jiggy Dogg, Rainbow, Ga-In, SG Wannabe, miss A, B2ST, Se7en, Psy, SHINee, and 2PM.

Check out their performances below!

[more performances to come]

SNSD “Hoot” comeback on Music Bank!

The SNSD girls never seem to stop, and here they are back again after seven months with their new title song, “Hoot“, despite being in the midst of promoting their Japanese singles.

With a 009 James Bond-ish concept, the girls have gone retro this time, as they begun their full promotions with their first comeback stage on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.

So watch as the girls “Hoot” their way into your hearts once again.


B2ST says goodbye on Music Bank

The B2ST boys said their goodbye on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.

It has been a pretty short promotion period with “Soom” as the B2ST boys will now start to prepare for their upcoming debut in Japan and solo concerts in Korea at the end of the year.

Check out their heart-stopping “Soom” performance below.



2AM makes a “Saint O’Clock” comeback on Music Bank

After 27 months since making their debut, 2AM finally released their 1st studio album, “Saint O’Clock“, and they continued with promotions on the October 29th episode of Music Bank.

The boys do not deviate much from their ballad roots of the past in their comeback, with their two title tracks, “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” and “Like Crazy“.  Still though, each performance has been designed to give fans a different audio-visual experience.

Check out the performances below, and get serenaded by them again!




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