Park Han Byul responds to a netizen’s hateful remarks

Actress Park Han Byul recently left a message for a particular netizen who has been persistently bad-mouthing her relationship with singer Se7en.

On the 27th, Park Han Byul wrote on her Twitter, “You have been tweeting a lot since a long time along. I was just going to let it pass but it seems like there are lot of misunderstandings which is the reason why I am leaving this message. I am one person who hopes more than anyone else for her boyfriend to succeed. Wouldn’t that be definite?”

She continued, “There is no way for me to boldly block journalists from writing about parts that people who aren’t even close to me are interested in. I’m saying that when articles about just one answer I say in an interview regarding that particular topic are written, I can’t do anything about how exaggerated the articles are. Your hatred toward me is also something I can’t help, but I wanted to resolve this problem as much as how you thought I was deliberately making these situations happen, or how I’m not enjoying my relationship. So let’s stop writing these tweets that only hurt each other.”

This particular netizen has actually been leaving many negative tweets on her Twitter. Example of these include, “All I can see is of you believing that you have a pretty face, and happily living the celebrity life off exaggerated articles”, “I know that even when you opened your online shopping mall, you used Se7en’s money to open it”, “Se7en is pathetic too. He’s wasting away one good life for a girl like her.”

Netizens who read Park Han Byul’s response supported her with replies such as, “Park Han Byul must be so sad”, “Don’t worry too much about the negative comments, just have a good loving relationship with Se7en”, “Have strength! Just ignore those negative comments”.

Meanwhile, a music video for Se7en’s ‘I’m Going Crazy’, of which she featured in, was released earlier on the 28th.

Source + Photo: MyDaily


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