“Nikkei Business” compares SNSD’s success to Samsung’s

SNSD was recently featured in an issue of influential Japanese magazine “Nikkei Business” on September 27th.

Nikkei Business introduced the group by titling their article, “The advancement of Korean corporations are a lot like SNSD.”

The article explained, “SNSD is a Korean girl group that holds an infinite amount of popularity. They officially debuted in Japan on September 8th and managed to sell well over 100,000 debut singles in Japan’s recessing music market. They’ve managed to dominate the Japanese music market in a very short amount of time.”

The magazine argued that SNSD’s success was geared by technology, globalization, and meticulous management. The combination of these elements can be found in the successful strategies of global Korean brands Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motors.

A representative of SM Entertainment commented, “Nikkei Business was first published in 1969 and is a highly influencial magazine read by the majority of CEOs. 330,000 copies are published every Monday. They’ve never featured a celebrity on their front cover before, which means that SNSD is not only a spotlighted figure in their culture, but in their economy as well.”

Source: EDaily


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