‘The Stanford Daily’ publish an article about Tablo’s controversy

As the turmoil between the netizens and Tablo’s supposed Stanford graduation forgery continue on, the official Stanford newspaper, The Stanford Daily, recently published an article regarding the whole controversy on September 27th.

The lengthy article includes a brief background on the artist, as well as detailed coverage on the happenings of the controversy. The journalists held an interview with Stanford’s Registrar, Tom Black, who was quoted many times throughout the article supporting Tablo’s side. On-campus friends of Tablo were also interviewed, along with a Korean journalist for JoongAng Daily, who has been carefully following Tablo’s case.

Korean netizens who read a translated version of the article expressed their embarrassment for Korea. Some of the top comments include, “The situation has become a national embarrassment. Korea has been recognized because of these netizens acting so senselessly…” and “I knew this would happen…They caught an innocent person and now look what happens, how bad could must it have looked for the registrar to say something to that extent? Tablo must’ve had such a hard time over this, his family must have had a harder time looking over him.”

You can read the full article on The Stanford Daily here.

Source: StanfordDaily

Photo: mydaily


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