Wu Zun & Ku Hye Sun to Star in Japanese Manga Remake of “Absolute Boyfriend”?

吳尊回鍋偶像劇 4年身價飆6倍
中國時報【洪秀瑛/台北報導】吳尊和楊丞琳合拍《陽光天使》,海外版權賣得嚇嚇 叫,已吸金3千萬,八大再幫他打造新偶像劇《絕對達令》,一集酬勞約30萬,已與羅志祥不相上下,《絕對》並撮合他和韓版《流星花園》女主角具惠善搭檔, 她一集酬勞1萬5千元美金(約47萬台幣),20集的戲,她就賺進千萬元。

當 年吳尊拍《公主小妹》時,一集酬勞5萬,因收視率高,拍《籃球火》時漲到12萬,同戲的羅志祥約20 萬,言承旭則高達49萬。吳尊前年轉戰大銀幕, 不過,《梁祝》及《錦衣衛》票房都不理想,去年底又回 偶像劇市場,拍《陽光天使》一集25萬,再接《絕對》,已是絕對一哥,酬勞從最早的5萬漲到30萬,4年身價翻了6倍。

他與「飛輪海」成員擔任台灣觀光大使,今年3月曾 到韓國推展觀光,與具惠善合拍主題曲MV《Touch Your Heart》,她當時說最想找吳尊合作,這次改編日本漫畫的《絕對達令》,兩人順利搭檔。

八 大連著3部偶像劇主角都有韓星,外界看法不一,《絕對》拿新聞局補助金,有人認為應多培養台灣演員,八大則說,外籍藝人有海外市場,戲劇不該受限,也是一 種行銷台灣的方式。

credit Yahoo News

The part in Red mentioned about Hyesun, it says GTV will produce a news drama “Absolute Boyfriend” (Zettai Kareshi), a remake of Japanese Manga, in which Wu Zun will partner with Ku Hye Sun for this project

NB: Zettai Kareshi was remade as Japanese drama last year, starring Hayami Mokomichi and Mizushima Hiro

Cre translation Meow13@soompi.

Another Article

Currently, WuZon is commanding appearance fee equal to that of Nah Ji Sang due to the high popularity of his latest drama with Yang SeungLim called . The drama, has been decided to star WuZon and Korea’s BOF star, GHS. GHS commands $15,000 (in American currency)per episode while Wu Zun commands $30,000 per episode (in Taiwan Currency). The drama is to be about 20 episodes.

Wu Zun’s commanding salary has gradually gone up since he starred in . His attempt at a movie did not do as well that he quickly returned to dramas. Now he is about to star in and his place as an actor is well established. In the last 4 years, Wu Zun’s fee has jumped 6times.

Wu Zun and Fahrenheit are Taiwan’s Tourism Ambassadors and has gone to Korea in March to carry out their duties and also has made a CF/Music Video called with GHS. Soon after they completed the Music Video, GHS has agreed to doing a project together with Wu Zun. Luckly, the Japanese manga remake of the story, , has become available and both Wu Zun and GHS have been selected to be stars of the drama. However, Taiwan viewers are not that positive about Taiwan’s GTV dramas using Korean female stars as leads of their last three woo-sang-geuk (does this mean modern dramas?) dramas. Viewers feel the need to develop and utilize more Taiwanese actors and actresses. However, GTV commented that foreign actresses are able to be active in international arena, dramas cannot have such restrictions, and that this is the way of the Taiwan.

Credit Translation susAmerica@soompi.

We must waiting for official news about this new drama..but i cant hold myself cuz i feel so happy.Hye sun will so busy with The Musical,Directing new movie and now Taiwan drama with Wu Zun.

Will always update this news kekekeke^^


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