Shindong apologizes to Lee Min Ho, why?

Super Junior’s Shin Dong tested the celebrity look alike, and the result stated that he looks like Lee Min Ho by 23%.

On Shin Dong’s Twitter posted on September 13th, he posted the image along with a “Sorry” message.

The #1 celebrity look alike for Shin Dong came out to be the 24 year old actor, Lee Min Ho. The match came out to be 23% alike, and it even said, “Don’t really look alike, but if one had to be chosen…”

Shin Dong posted a cute “Sorry” message for looking like flower boy Lee Min Ho.

Netizens who saw the image stated, “It’s entertaining! There’s no need to say sorry. Oppa is a unique star,” “How can this happen? Oppa, I think you’re more handsome!”, and “Haha, this is very cute. Thank you for the laugh to start off my day.”

Original Source:
Translated By: Solly @ Lee Min Ho’s World


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