Jokwon likes Jiyeon better than Ga-In?

2AM’s Jokwon made a shocking confession on SBS’ Chuseok special,  ’Fantasy Star Couple Challenge Cup‘.

Jokwon partnered up with T-ara’s Jiyeon for the special, which is a surprising development as he is normally paired with his ‘wife’ Brown Eyed Girls Ga-In.

The MC asked him, “Where is Ga-In?” Jokwon cheekily responded, “She’s not in Korea. I’m thinking about cheating on her today.”

Pushing further, the MC asked, “Do you like Ga-In or Jiyeon?”

Jokwon’s answer? “I like Jiyeon better today.”

He even showed Jiyeon some aegyo but regretted the whole situation at the end, moaning: “What am I going to do?”

Jokwon, don’t piss off your wife with cheating inferences, even if it’s a joke!

Source: Nate
Photo: Screen captures from the show


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  1. where can i watch this jokwon cut?

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