Asia’s No. 1 boyband 2PM – Japan debut

It was announced that a famous Korean boyband 2PM famous for its beastly image and live performances is going to debut in Japan. A DVD compiled of their 7 hit songs MVs will be released in November, also in December they‘re going to have a debut event at Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan. The 6-membered boy band, named as one of the best in Asia, is set to debut in Japan.

With girl groups SNSD and Kara breaking into J-pop market, boy bands are not left behind. 2PM is also finally landing in Japan.

Average height at 180cm, weight 69 kg, they debuted in 2008 september, and was distinctive among other bands because of their distinctive performances and well-trained bodies. They have a big competition and rivalled even Big Bang which are famous in Japan right now.

As they were on the rise in K-pop industry they had no intentions of entering Japan music industry but they were approached by around 10 Japanese agencies with an offer to sign contracts. Eventually they signed under Sony Music Japan.

The rest of the article says that the agency has a detailed plan for 2PM‘s schedule in Japan, and they are sure that with the skills and the boys possess they would be able to expand not only in Japan, but all over Asia.

The end of the article once again tells about the oncoming releases the info on which is on their official Japanese site.

Overall, the article doesn‘t tell much news, just that it‘s the new k-pop wave coming over Japan, and that 2PM are different from previous kpop boybands and Japanese are pretty much hyped about them.

Source:Sankei Sports daily | Jap-Eng: Egle @2pmalways


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