T-ara discuss their new album and new member, Ryu Hwayoung

Girl group T-ara came together for a very special interview. T-ara has undergone great changes recently and now gets a holiday. Although they’re currently on holiday, they kindly accepted this interview.

Earlier this year, T-ara’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and “I Go Crazy Because of You” became recognized by every one. After that, Eunjung, Jiyeon, Qri, Hyomin and Boram all underwent acting jobs with Soyeon preparing for hers, making all six of them actresses. This created even greater awareness for T-ara.

After this year’s Chuseok season though, T-ara will go back to the music roots with a big change.

T-ara will start preparing 100% for their October comeback with a new mini album. The six girls will resume full-scale activities as a group after it’s been nearly six months. But the fans will not be able to call T-ara a six member girl group no longer. That is because Ryu Hwayoung has joined T-ara being the same age, ’93, as maknae Jiyeon. She will officially join with the release of this new album. In October, you may call T-ara a seven member girl group.

Eunjung said, “Hwayoung went to Guangzhou (southern China) for her holiday and will come back on the 23rd where we will do some finishing things on the album,” about her new dongsaeng.

Hyomin also said, “Now I have a bigger responsibility and have to keep track of my style better. Hwayoung has already given me a lot of help and advice on [my style].”

Jiyeon: “Now that I have someone my age in the group, it’s good,” she said smiling.

Ryu Hwayoung is not included in this interview because she hasn’t yet officially debuted.

T-ara hasn’t been together promoting full scale since “I Go Crazy Because of You” which was six months ago. During this holiday break they’ll get to prepare for the new album. They said the new album has an extraordinary passion.

The new leader, Boram said, “Now that I’m a leader and there is a new member, I have a lot more responsibility. This holiday will help me prepare for this and the new album.”

Hyomin said, “Preparing for the album was hard, but it’s pleasant to have a holiday break and relax. When I’m back on stage I’ll be able to play a fast, hard and ready character.”

When the full moon comes over this holiday, all the girls will wish for a successful new album.

Qri said, “I’ll be looking at the moon wishing for great success with T-ara’s album. It would be good to see that happen, of course.”

Soyeon also said, “I wish for T-ara to finish strong this year with our comeback album.”

“This is a great time to go outside the house, spend all day watching television and eat a delicious holiday meal, I know I will,” Hyomin said, “Fans should turn on the TV because they will see T-ara every day in special shows.”

The T-ara members final words were, “Have a great holiday with your family and relatives. We will send hopeful prayers your way. Make sure you make a wish when the moon is full, you do not want to have a blank mind!”

cr: nathaniel (trans) @ diadem + star news


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