CNBLUE “We Will Be Focusing on Live Performance to Improve Ourselves.”

“We were so surprised by the news that “I Don’t Know Why” was at #7 in the Oricon (chart). We appreciate all the fans who love our music and will put our effort to do the best.”

CNBLUE went to Japan in 2008 to study music without any particular plan and performed in streets and in small live halls so that they could improve their live performance. As a result, here come 4 members of CNLBUE who sparkle their passion and effort at this stage.

CNBLUE released their 2nd Japanese single “I Don’t Know Why” on 16th September and performed live at a concert in Osaka, followed by Nagoya concert. The 3rd and last performance they for Japan’s “Listen to the CNBLUE” live tour was at Shibuya-ax, Tokyo on 20th.

CNBLUE performed 23 pieces including ‘Love Revolution’ ‘Now or Never’ and ‘Love’. The 2nd single title song, “I Don’t Know Why” composed and written by CNBLUE leader, Jung Yong Hwa and “Lie” composed by Lee Jung Hyun captivated all the fans.

During the interview, Jung Yong Hwa revealed,” We were passing by Harajuku police station, the place where we were put into jail due to the unauthorized street performance last year and we were telling people ‘Please buy a lot of our cds’. So we were so glad to hear that the 2nd single reached 7th place in Oricon because of the love and support of our fans.”

“I still remembered vividly, as if it was only yesterday how nervous we were 1 year ago to perfume a 1-hour one man live concert in September. But we felt so much achievement after the concert. We will not forget those memories and will do our best to be a better and improved band. Please stay with us always.”

The fans in the concert celebrated Jungshin’s 19th birthday with cake and birthday song. There was an announcement saying that CNBLUE will hold the first fan meeting in Japan and it made the fans happy and shout for joy.

Due to the fact that their concert tickets were sold out all the time whenever purchase of tickets were open, fans called the concert “cannot-be-attended-even-though-wanted”, there were many fans waiting and queuing with a huge line at the concert hall to watch CNBLUE’s performance and 300 fans who couldn’t purchase the tickets were waiting outside to support them.

In the press interview right before the concert, CNBLUE said, “The new single album is the process of finding our style of music, which makes the album to be more attached to us,” and they gave their opinion, “We are surprised by reaching the 7th spot in Oricon and appreciate all the fans who love our music and will put our effort to do better”.

“We want to perform live in streets and live hall like old days and as a band, we will do the best in our live performances and will put our endless effort to be the most anticipated band for the future.”

Source: Nate
Translated by CebuNuna@cnbluestorm.
Edited by fizzy@cnbluestorm
Posted by Lyna@cnbluestorm.


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