Nichkhun has 2PM so this year’s Chuseok holiday in Korea won’t be lonely!

Nichkhun is considered one of the most successful foreign stars in Korea. With his prince-like looks, humble speech, and fluency in Korean, he comes across as a friendly figure to people of all age groups. He has genuinely become a “Korean-like Foreigner.”

Omitted summary.

This will be Nichkhun’s 5th Chuseok holiday since coming to Korea in 2006. “Every time Chuseok came around, I was always lonely. I won’t be lonely this year, though, since I have my members this time around.”

“Whenever Chuseok came, we were always working on an album or doing broadcast work. That’s how the last 4 years of my Chuseok were spent. During my trainee years, all of my friends went down to their hometowns so I was left alone at the dorms. There was nothing to eat as well… (laughter).”

“The manager hyungs felt bad for me so they always took me to restaurants and bought me rice cake soup. I also made a lot of foreign ‘gyopo’ friends so we went out to eat steak. I never thought I was lonely though. I felt like it was a period of break for me. Even the fans that wait outside our dorms all go home so it’s peaceful during Chuseok.”

“Korea has good weather and there’s a lot of delicious things to eat. It’s hard to go out in America when you don’t have a car and Thailand is too hot. Korea is perfect enough to walk around in. Han river is beautiful, Korean ladies are beautiful as well. I’m just glad to be able to work with 2PM. I never thought I’d be this loved, it’s truly amazing.”

– Why do you think you’re popular in Korea?

“People don’t think I’m a foreigner. They think of me as a Korean, I think thanks to my language. I adjusted well to the food and culture so they probably felt closer to me.”

– Is there anything special about the Korean entertainment industry?

“Korea has that senior/junior relationship and they take ranks importantly. Thailand has no such culture. And I think it’s unique how rival singers come together for one stage. It’s like family and friends.”

– Were there any differences in what you anticipated with Korea’s entertainment industry?

“As opposed to anticipation, I was more worried than anything. I wasn’t even debuted with 2PM yet and I was afraid of my language skills.”

– Were there any misunderstandings due to language barriers?

“I spoke to Park Jinyoung in informal speech. I speak very carefully in case of mistakes and always ask whether I’m right or not after I say it. When I first came to Korea, everything was awkward but Korea is like home to me now. America is like home, Thailand is my home too. There’s a lot of people that can’t go home for Chuseok but please don’t be disappointed or lonely. You can always call and say you love and miss them. Even if you’re lonely, don’t be upset about it. We can go eat steak together. Haha.

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