Jung So-min and her “kiss”ing guys!


The Mischievous Kiss actress shares her thoughts about her new leading men.

You have seen the interviews,viewed the beginning of the drama,and analyzed the ratings. What’s next? Actress Jung S0-min’s opinions of her new leading men Kim Hyun-joong and Lee Tae-sung!

Below are the captions she posted for the pictures above:

Kim Hyun-joong ” A photo of me in uniform! Hani and Seung-jo live together is the drama and because they attend the same high school, there are many scenes that I shoot with Hyunjoong-ssi. Although, Hyunjoong-ssi portrays a character as an arrogant guy, in actual fact …he’s affectionate and friendly”

Lee Tae-sung-”Lee Taesung-ssi whose role is ‘tough guy’ Bong Jungu loves Hani wholeheartedly.In the drama,he shows off a strong Busan accent, and that one strand of permed fringe is so strong-impressioned, isn’t it? His resemblence to the original Japanese manga is 100%. I really give it to him! I admit!”

What do you think about So-min’s selcas and captions?



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