Kim Hyun Joong changes style for Playful Kiss

Kim Hyun Joong has been garnering a lot of interest lately for MBC’s Playful Kiss and this time it’s for his hair.

The latest episode featured characters Oh Hani and Baek Seung Jo entering college and both wanting to change by showing off a new mature image with this fresh new start. Because of this, Baek Seung Jo changed his hair style to a perm, with some strong encouragement coming from his mother.

Fans are already saying that this hair style suits him really well and his good looks really show.

Hairstyles really do make a man look better, don’t you think?


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  1. Well, i think he looks good with both style. I like the straight one better. I think he looks younger, s/b the other way for the drama, in curly style.

  2. hes soo cute in this movie i think he shudd leave his hair like this C;

  3. the hairstyles in this movie make him cute other wize he’s ugly

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