Nichkhun releases extra photos from ‘Elle Girl’ photoshoot

After previously releasing a sweet couple photoshoot with Kim Soyoung, 2PM’s Nichkhun has revealed a few extra photos using the beautiful, natural background of Bali for his ‘Elle Girl’ photoshoot.

Nichkhun’s calm and dependable attitude left quite the impression on the staffs on set, showing a contrasting image to his usual cuteness expressed on the TV screen. Regarding this, Nichkhun commented, “When I first debuted, I wasn’t good at Korean so I had to act cute. I’m actually not that cute of a person though. Taecyeon might look strong on the outside but he acts a lot cuter than I do.”

When asked why he’s so focused on updating his Twitter, he replied, “I hope that my fans think of me as a friendly person. I love showing them what I’m thinking and what I’m interested in.”

Regarding the Wonder Girls promoting in America, Nichkhun commented, “Watching them makes me happy. I hope that 2PM hurries up and becomes the best in Korea so that we can go on and show our music to different countries as well.”

The complete interview and photoshoot will be released in Elle Girl’s October edition.


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