CNBlue enters Oricon’s top 10 for the first time

CNBlue’s single, “I Don’t Know Why,” has ranked 8th in Oricon’s daily single chart after being released on the 16th. Having debuted in Japan in 2008, CNBlue has released a total of five singles to date, and their most recent release represents the first time they’ve entered the Oricon top 10.

Their accomplishment is actually quite a meaningful since it was done without a major record label and without any extra promotions or broadcast appearances. The single was released through an indie label with only minor performances.

In June, “The Way” managed to rank 11th on Oricon’s daily single chart, and showed signs of steady improvement. “I Don’t Know Why” was able to hit the home run, finally making it in to the top 10. The album includes self composed tracks by members Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jonghyun, showing that such results are a confirmation of the members’ talents.

CNBlue successfully completed a performance in Osaka on September 16th, and will be moving on to Nagoya on the 18th, and Tokyo on the 20th. All three cities quickly sold out for their tour.

Source: Sports Chosun


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