2NE1, Lim Jeong Hee, Son Dambi & BoA: Who will dominate September?

The competition for first place among female artists is heating up as we approach Chuseok.

2NE1 has already landed all three of their title tracks at the top of the music charts, and Lim Jeong Hee’s duet with Jo Kwon is climbing the charts with incredible speed. The competition will only get more intense as BoA and Son Dambi reveal their follow-up songs on top of this.

As of now, Lim Jeong Hee and 2NE1 are dominating the music charts, showing the power of female artists. 2NE1, which is promoting its three title tracks simultaneously, has taken over the top three spots.

“The street diva” Lim Jeong Hee succeeded in capturing the audience with ballad music totally opposite of 2NE1’s style. With the help of variety idol Jo Kwon, Lim is blowing strength into the ballad genre by singing the story of a man trying to confess his love and a woman trying to break up. Lim and 2NE1 are competing on various charts for the number one spot.

Once BoA and Son Dambi make their comebacks, this all-female competition will intensify. Son Dambi returns on the 16th with a new version of “dB Rider” and promises to transform into a chic and sexy catwoman reminiscent of the “Charlie’s Angels” soundtrack.

BoA, who will release her new song right after Chuseok, is also a highly anticipated artist. She will reveal her new song through KBS Music Bank and showcase a different color from “Hurricane Venus”, emphasizing her vocals and performance.

Her concept photo, which was released on the 16th, shows BoA as a curly-haired blonde with a cute expression and previews her next transformation. Who do you think will dominate the charts?

(S: Osen)


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