Lee Min Ho – Shocking transformation as a lascivious character in ‘City Hunter’

Actor LMH is transforming into a ‘sexy playboy’.

LMH’s management company ‘starhaus entertainment’ revealed that LMH has been casted in the role of a strong character and will be the main lead in SBS drama ‘City Hunter’ which is slated to air next year.

LMH will be portraying the role of a playboy, who although is rendered helpless in the presence of beautiful women, possesses great skill and agility when solving investigations, a humane character who overflows with charisma.

The drama production crew revealed that although request was given to seek distinguished production companies and famous cast for the drama, the production has not materialized all this time becoz the original author (manga writer) insisted on perfection. It was to the extent that the drama has not even been successfully produced in Japan.

The drama ‘City Hunter’ which LMH will be acting in, will be based on Hojo Tsukasa’s manga under the same name. The male leading character solves mysteries for a beautiful female client.…/20100913n05282
Translation webby@soompi.

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  1. The drama seems interesting. I guess this will be LMH’s fine drama again after BOF. I wanna watch this s0on.

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