“COMEBACK”- 2NE1 is no longer a typical girl group

09/12 – In SBS’ live broadcast “Inkigayo”, 2NE1 gave everyone a performance that surpassed the levels of recent female groups.

In fact, compared with other groups, 2NE1’s comeback stage that day was on an entirely different level. They performed their three title tracks: CLAP YOUR HANDS, GO AWAY, and CAN’T NOBODY.

In CLAP YOUR HANDS, they showed off outfits and styles that reminded us of female warriors.  Their strong punk looks and tattoos were very compatible with 2NE1’s image. Because the sentence “Clap Your Hands” was included in the lyrics, the melody of the chorus and the choreography of the claps are very addicting and have the potential to be viral.

With GO AWAY the girls become more animated and cool, exuding the energy that is uniquely 2NE1’s. Just like in the lyrics: telling the boyfriend who has just left her that “I will meet a guy who’s better than you”, they showed a brisk and creative dance performance.

They showed an intense and colorful stage with CAN’T NOBODY. The song, with strong electronic sounds, showed off the girls’ voices. The conflicting and repetitive “I’m so bad bad and I’m so good good” also have strong viral potential.

2NE1, who debuted last May 2009 with their mini-album “FIRE”, armed themselves with personalities and music that were out of the ordinary. Although we can partly attribute this to the efforts of YG Entertainment, but capturing and securing the public’s interest and support should be credited solely to the members’ hard work and determination.

Although there were negative criticisms, there were very few or almost none that voiced great disappointment with their three performances in their comeback stage. Their comeback stage presented 2NE1’s position and value in the industry today, but if what they had accomplished on their stage was not enough for some, then criticisms were unavoidable.

Since we are currently in the female group era with KARA and other groups promoting in Japan, that’s why we think 2NE1’s stages are definitely worth looking forward to.

Source: OSEN
Chinese Translations by: 伶伶@21IMPACT
English Translations by:


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