Stars couple up in a battle to become the best

2PM’s Nichkhun and Junho will be revealing a love triangle with 2009 Miss Korea, Kim Juri, on SBS’s Chuseok Special variety program, “The Couple of Perfection Challenge Cup.”

Nichkhun and Junho have been put in one team and will be battling against couples Jo Kwon and Jiyeon, Jang Dongmin and Yoo In Na, Minho, Jonghyun, and Secret, Seulong and No Sayeon, Seol Woon Do and Yoo Chae Young, Jang Yoon Jung and Simon D, Jinwoon, Kikwang, and Changmin, Choi Phillip and Sulli, Kwanghee and Victoria, Kim Kwangkyu and Kahi, and Kim Young Chul and Kim Nayoung.

As they are battling against other couples, Nichkhun and Junho will also be working to earn the affections of Kim Juri.

“The Couple of Perfection” matches up all celebrities, from idols to older stars, and turns them into couples in order to choose the best. Unlike any other standard games, the couples will be showing off their synchronization by going through each round in order to become the best.

On a stage that calls for unique transformations, Jo Kwon and Jiyeon will be changing sex roles, as Jo Kwon will be transforming into Lady Gaga and Jiyeon into Michael Jackson.

The special will air on the 22nd at 6:15 PM.


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