2AM-MBLAQ Shows off the Warm Friendship ‘Who is a true gag dol?’

2AM and MBLAQ showed off a solid friendship.

At September 12th in Seulong’s twitter, picture of 2AM Jinwoon,
Seulong, MBLAQ Mir, and G.O. was uploaded.

At the first picture, Jinwoon, Mir, G.O., and Seulong posed a friendly pose
G.O. and Mir wore a white raincoat, which added the cuteness to the picture.
With this picture, Seulong left a message saying “Getting tired as we wait!
87 line Seulong and G.O..91 line Jinwoon and Chulyongie.”.

Seulong revealed a one more picture which excluded Mir with a message of
“One more picture since G.O. and I came out weird.”.
In this picture, Seulong and G.O. sat as they drew out a v sign in a cute way.

Fans who saw this picture showed hot responses by saying “They are in cute pose like a
gag dol.” and “It’s nice to see handsome guys gathering together.”.

Original article link:…009121508491001
Translated and reuploaded by seunghoeyecandy@mblaqattack


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