Se7en under fire again for “bad attitude”

YG Entertainment’s Se7en has already been criticized for his behavior on “Happy Together”. However, that previous act had split opinions, seeing as Se7en is Park Han Byul’s boyfriend before an entertainer. This time though, his actions are gaining him harsher criticisms, as netizens are nailing him to the cross for “bad posture” when next to his seniors like Ha Choon Hwa.

Individuals can attack his lack of humor for “Happy Together”, but traditional Koreans will view this newest stunt as ‘unacceptable’. Personally, I don’t believe his “attitude” deserves such negative press, but with all the malicious news of MC Mong, Shin Jung Hwan, the Korean ”Paris Hilton”, and Eru, the prevalent mood in Korea seems to be anything but forgiving.

One of the viewers (sus***) wrote, “How can he be practically laying down with his arms crossed when his seniors’ seniors are right next to him?? The staff will have to regulate these kinds of small details“.

Another viewer (may930***) added, “His fame is acceptable, but he is sitting as relaxed as a CEO. Even though there is a table, I can’t disregard the fact he shows no respect“, pointing out his/her disappointment.

Others include, ”Even as a fan, I was disappointed” and “Please dont forget your rookie years“.

Seems like “Quiz that Changes the World” is a public-relations trap for the idols.

Source: daum


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