Rain’s Visit In Manila Philippines Wraps Up With An Intense Concert!

A six pack hottie armed with great voice and dancing skills aside from that, he is also a great actor and known to be a world star, there’s really no other like Jun Ji Hoon or known to be as RAIN.

Last 2002, the world star visited Manila Philippines to promote his album. Other than that, Filipinos loved him more when he starred in Full House with Song Hye Kyo which became a big hit in the country. It’s been 8 years since his last trip and once again the world star visited the Philippines not just to promote his album but for various reasons. First is his upcoming action- spy series “FUGITIVE” which will air on September 29, 2010. The production team visited lots of country to shoot this series ad luckily, because of Philippines great view they decided to add the country on their list. Last September 1, Rain arrived in the country quietly and immediately flew to Cebu, Philippines to shoot some scenes. After 3 days of filming, he flew to Manila to film more and aside from that while waiting for his concert.

During Rain’s stay in the country there was a little of controversy that was suddenly rose up saying he snob his own press conference last September 6, 2010. The reason was the media people were misled of the dates for the press con. Click here for the whole article.

Finally the press conference pursue on the 9th. Alongside with Rain were the cast of the series “Fugitive” namely, Daniel Henney, Lee Na Young, Lee Jungjin and Yoon Jin Seo. Here are some pictures from the press con.

Ten days of Raining in the Philippines, and the day of the real “INTENSITY” has finally come. The concert was not only for the CLOUDS but also for the Kiss Mes. It’s already the 3rd visit of U Kiss in the country. First was their mall tour, then their showcase and now as a part of Rain’s Intensity concert. A local singer named Christian Bautista was also part of the event. He collaborated recently to ONE WAY and been a part of the Korean groups’ album Philippine edition when they had their mall tour series in the country.

At exactly 8:30 when the concert started. The first one to perform was Christian Bautista and he sang Wrong Number, Beutiful Girl and The Way You Look At Me. He brought 2 girl fans while he was performing and this one lucky lady kissed the singer on the lips.

The crowd suddenly went wild when it was already U Kiss’ turn. The group said they were grateful to be back in the country. They performed Bingeul Bingeul, Mworago, Man Man Ha Ni and one English song entitled End of the Road. They didn’t only perform their songs but also showed each side of their talents. First was Kevin dancing to Miss A’s Bad Girl Good Girl. It was really funny and he really did it great as if he was the choreographer of the dance. Xander also tried the dance but he is no match to Kevin’s move. Second was a battle between Kiseop and Eli dancing to one of Rain’s song. They both did a great job copying Rain’s dancing skills. Third was Dongho dancing to Secret’s Magic. He did the booty dance of the song. Lastly was Seohyun, the groups high note belter sang Because of You, an English song by Keith Martin. Before they said good bye to their fans they announced their upcoming mini album and also a concert. Better watch out for those Kiss Mes!

Last but not the least, its the main event ! The intensity was getting higher, the crowd was getting more and more excited to see the main purpose of the concert. The weather was fine but it seems like the rain was about to fall not from the clouds but the RAIN coming out from the stage. The crowd getting more wilder, screams were everywhere. Rain serenaded his fans with his hits songs and some of this were It’s Raining, Touch Ya, How To Avoid The Sun, I Do, Love Song Love Story, and Hip Hop Song. Fans sang along with him, somehow jump to the beat of the music, got mesmerize by Rain’s dance moves as he sing and danced continuously. With a Michael Jackson kind of theme for his concert with all the fireworks and stuff he performed with all the energy he got and the intensity he showed made us all amaze by his performance.

The concert ended around 10pm but it was all worth it. Rain’s stay in the country was yet another fulfilled duty on his part, ended it with an unforgettable concert for his undying fans.

More pictures coming!

In behalf of Dailykpopnews we would like to thank Mr. Joel Alfaro and Ms. Ivy of TV5 for giving us the chance to witness a great and historic concert of the year!

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Press con pics cr:Mr.Azrael Coladilla


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