Lee Min Ho at Lacoste Fashion Show (1)

Credit as Labelled+

Fan account 1

감사합니다!!! Thank you for shaking my hand! I didn’t want to bother you but thank you for everything! I hope you enjoyed my singing ahahaha♥ I hope I get to meet you again.

Cre Facebook & alovebof@soompi.

Fan account 2

This person saw MH at lincoln center after the lacoste fashion show. she said only 5 to 6 MH fans were there, there was another korean fan and she thinks the others may be chinese fans. She managed to shake his hand and other fans got his autograph. He smiled at them and she talked to him a bit. Then he and his entourage were waiting for their car and he kept asking the others repeatedly where are they going next.

Cre http://gall.dcinside…135&page=1&bbs=

Lee Min Ho will appear in WKorea Nov issue.


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  1. Erica Bianca Ishii Ituralde

    i love your site..SUPER! KEEP IT UP! I love Koreans whooh!

  2. Erica Bianca Ishii Ituralde

    i am a SUPER FAN of min ho! he’s very handsome. anything he wear fits him PERFECTLY! I love you LEE MIN HO!

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