Ku Hye Sun at The Set for Her New Movie

There is some news from dc Ku that hyesun break from filming drama The musical for directing her new movie.this time the lead actress is Nam Sang Mi.

Today she updated her twitter and minihompy and share some BTS..lets check this out :)

she’s wrote :
In front of me (opposite of me) is Director of Filming
Kim Joon Yung from “Yo-Sool”.
Despite his busy schedule, he has participated in making the short film.
These days, he apppears quite frequently in movies. ho

I went under the bed to arrange the setting and burst into laughter–because, I saw Nam-actress-nim who followed me even though she really did not have to…

This is Choi Il Ha-sunsengnim in his white-hair make-up. I love you.^^

Nam Sang Mi

아름다운 여배우님/Beautiful actress

Nam Sang Mi-nim unhesitatingly decided to work with us in our inadequate(humble)short film.
She is my lovely friend.

Dir Kim & HS

I want you to know that these pix are of us really working hard, even though they may look like we are playing around.

He is our Technical Editor. I wish you everlasting love. ho

Director Jo & cute little girl

Dir Jo, Hyesun & Nam Sang Mi


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