Ga-In shows her jealousy towards After School’s Raina

On this week’s ‘We Got Married‘, Ga In of Brown Eyed Girls expressed her jealousy towards After School’s Raina.

In this episode, Ga-In finds her husband, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, at a music broadcasting station where he prepares for his solo stage of ‘The Day I Confessed’. Ga-In tried to make him feel relaxed before his performance, until she saw a ring on her husband’s hand and suddenly lost her temper, telling him not to wear any other rings other than their couple rings.

Taken aback by his wife’s anger, Kwon explained, “It’s just a fashion ring. I bought it myself in America,” to which Ga-In replied in jealousy, “You wearing rings like this is the reason why there are weird rumors going around. Just like how there was that article about you and Raina…”

A while ago there were speculations that Kwon’s ‘Oh Bang Shil’ was in fact After School’s Raina, as they were seen wearing similar looking rings.

Meanwhile, this episode also showed Ga-In practicing Kwon’s choreography for ‘The Day I Confessed’ in secret, to surprise him during his live performance.


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  1. May I know what episode is this? Thank you…

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