2NE1 returns with triple hit stages on Inkigayo!

Once the news about 2NE1’s comeback was revealed, Black Jacks from all over the world have been anticipating the girls’ comeback.

The month of August flew by and suddenly it was September, just eight days left until the release of 2NE1’s comeback album “To Anyone.”

The week quickly flew by, and all throughout, various teasers were revealed to anticipate 2NE1’s comeback.

It was a day before their album release, yet their album already hit a monster amount of pre-orders, roughly 120,000 copies and increasing.

After waiting for what seemed like years, September 9th finally arrived and 2NE1’s album was finally unveiled, followed by the MV releases for their three title tracks day after day.

Right after the release, “To Anyone” was already on fire as it swiped the majority of portal sites’ music charts with its songs, mainly their three title tracks: “Can’t Nobody,” “Go Away” and “Clap Your Hands.”

With the release of all three MVs of their title tracks, 2NE1 finally performed their anticipated comeback performances on today’s broadcast of SBS Inkigayo.

The girls broke the regular standard of “two tracks performed in a comeback stage” by executing all three of their title tracks, and each stage reflected their upgraded talents, charms, and styles well.

I know all of you guys have been waiting for this, and without further ado, check out the girls’ comeback stages of “Can’t Nobody,” “Go Away” and “Clap Your Hands” below!


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