2NE1’s “Clap Your Hands” backup dancers were Big Bang?

The rumor mill has been spinning, spinning, spinning about the male backup dancers for 2NE1’s music video, “Clap Your Hands”. Dissecting, freezing, screen-capping, and contributing to the 1,000,000+ viewer statistics on the official “Clap Your Hands” Youtube video, suspicious fans are insisting that 2NE1’s backup dancers are none other than their YG brothers, Big Bang!

Claiming to be able to recognize the boys by their hands, necks, body postures, and even by their eyebrows, a flurry of ID’d screenshots have been making their way through Big Bang and 2NE1 fansites alike. The bond between YG Entertainment artists are known to be quite strong, so it’s entirely possible that Big Bang has got 2NE1’s back. As it remains rough speculation at this point, fans are hoping for some confirmation when 2NE1 hits the comeback stage.

We’ve attached a fan-ID’d still, a few high-quality screenshots from the video, as well as a reference photo of Big Bang for your comparison.

So, what do you think – are the dancers really Big Bang, or is the rumor just a ‘Big Dud’?

Tip: J.Kho


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  1. i think one of them is se7en too
    since theres 5 members in big bang but 6 dancers it makes sense doesn’t it

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