“Mischievous Kiss” the worst drama ever?

This is what one netizen stated about this week’s airing of MBC’s newest drama.

“This may become the worst drama ever.”

“I can only laugh. The predictable plot and corny lines, and now sexual harassment to top it off. I have nothing to say.”

The comments above are what netizens are saying about MBC’s newest comedy/drama “Mischievous Kiss”. Following this week’s airing, two scenes in particular have fans of the show in a heated debate online with the drama’s production company. Scenes displaying character Ha-ni stuffing her bra with socks after remarks Seung-jo stated to her and a scene with the drunk female underage high school student have made many say this show is inappropriate for televison.

The “bra” scene with Kim Hyun-joong’s character Seung-jo carrying the female lead and stating her breasts were too small(and he even added to raise children),has viewers everywhere labeling the incident sexual harassment.

What else are viewers saying about Kim Hyun-joong’s comeback drama?

“Did the producers really think that a female high school student’s drunk behavior would not be a problem?”

“I understand what the producers were trying to portray, but I’m worried that my daughter might act like this also.”



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  1. Plain absurd! I think the drama is quite innocent, realistic and very funny.

    Those are just words of haters, and antis. There’re tons of praises for the drama, but the news, as always, will report anything that sounds bad just to bring in readers.

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