Playful Kiss deemed inappropriate

In the previous episode of “Playful Kiss,” Seung Jo (played by SS501 Kim Hyun Joong) and Hani (Jung So Min) drank alcohol, causing Hani to become drunk. This part of the drama is buying criticism from some viewers due to the inappropriateness of showing underage drinking in a good light.

While many viewers found the drunk Hani cute, some expressed their concern, saying, “Did the producers really think that a female high school student’s drunk behavior would not be a problem?” and “I understand what the producers were trying to portray, but I’m worried that my daughter might act like this also.

Another issue was brought up over the scene in which Seung Jo carries the drunk Hani back to her house and points out her small breasts. He says to her, “How are you going to raise kids when your breasts are like this?” Some viewers saw this as a form of sexual harassment and were further bewildered by the fact that Hani was not even angered by this – instead, she tried to make her breasts look bigger by stuffing her bra with socks.

A viewer responded, “I can only laugh. The predictable plot and corny lines, and now sexual harassment to top it off. I have nothing to say.” One viewer even went as far as to say, “This may become the worst drama ever.

I’ve never watched this drama, so I can’t judge. Does this drama deserve all this criticism? Or are viewers being too conservative?


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