JYP rapper San E unveils Teaser Pictures with JYP Family

After the release of the Gorilla teaser picture on his website yesterday, San E reveals more teaser pictures with his JYP family, most of them showing himself doing the dancemoves.

The above picture shows Gain from Brown Eyed Girls backhugging San E. ALthough Gain is not part of the JYP family, she is supposedly Jokwon’s ‘wife’ on the show ‘We Got Married’. Jokwon and Gain are an infamous couple, also known by the name of Adam Couple.

The above picture shows San E dancing Heartbeat, with Taecyeon, a member from 2PM looking.

The above picture shows San E in a pink wig and in a similar costume that Jia wears to Bad Girl Good Girl performances. In this picture, Jia is doing her high kick action that shows great flexibility, leaving San E staring in horror.

The above pictureshows San E dressed in female clothes doing the nobody dance(and possibliy singing), leaving the leader of Wonder Girls, Sunye staring in horror at the side.

Well, are you anticipating San E’s debut? Because I sure am!

Cr for screencap: EternallyMusicable/Wei


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