Jo Kwon the “Paparazzi”

KkabKwon Jokwon has recently been given a new nickname by the netizens.

They called him “DoChal God”, which roughly translate to “God of Voyeurism”, but that has a sexual connotation. Paparazzi seems to be a better translation, but then again, what isn’t sexual?

This new nickname is due to Jokwon releasing a picture of 2pm’s Chansung & Wooyoung sleeping after a delicious chicken feast.

Jokwon revealed this picture on his twitter following with the remark, “Unconscious in my room after eating chicken, zZz

With the exception of Jokwon who was smiling, the others were completely unaware that Jokwon took a secret paparazzi-like photo.

His fans wrote,

“Only he came out looking normal”

“Food coma after drinking down chickens, haha”.


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