‘Dalmatian’ Stamps the Eyes with their Unique Character

Rookie 6 member boy group ‘Dalmatian’ is gaining more interest because different image compared to existing idol groups.

Dalmatian’s first digital single song ‘Round 1′ is covered with basic synthesized sounds and uses the 90s’ big hit popular melodies and catchy choruses. You can say that it is a unique style of music among the kpop industry today.

Most existing idol groups sing about ‘love’ but ‘Round One’ is filled with words of determination as they ‘put the long trainee period in their past when they stand on their dream stage and sweep the kpop industry’. In their choreography as well, there are not any prominent group dances, but dances that show off each of their different personalities which has allowed them to gain more interest.

After their debut stages on and , just after 2 broadcasts, they became the number 1 most searched on portal sites allowing them to experience their growing popularity.

The netizens who have seen their debut stage responded with “I was getting tired of the inevitable idol style, but because these idols have a different style, I’m interested”, and “Because this group is becoming unique like their name, I think an idol group worth watching has debuted”.

Dalmatian’s leader Inati said “Of course with the title song ‘Round One’, but also with future songs, we will show music fans music styles that only Dalmatian will be able to digest:

MC Mong was personally involved in planning for the team that prepared for 6 years allowing them to receive continuous interest from record companies and fans.



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