“It Started With A Kiss” is cancelled?


MBC’s newest drama “It Started With A Kiss” could be ending.
Rumors have been circulating online about MBC not airing anymore episodes of the “kiss” drama.

Why? The television network, MBC, has reported that their workers are going on strike and this may affect future episodes of the Wednesday/Thursday drama.

Now, to continue with my reporter posture(POPSEOUL style of course)Kim Hyun-joong’s website has been hacked into. Yes, you heard right.

Hyun-joong’s official website ( was hacked by international fans and now information that was confidential is now flying all over the internet! Hyun-joong’s management company’s,KEYEAST, is not too angry. They understand that fans love him and are just upset their plans for his website were revealed this soon.

Despite the setback, Hyun-joong’s official website will be open for Korean speaking/English speaking fans sometime next week.


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  1. Pop Seoul sent the message last 04 September which started with the word RUMOR…Today, after two days, 06 September, this is reposted with the same content…Is it possible to confirm news before posting?
    And both of Pop Seoul and the repost are still using the old title, the Korean title is Mischievous/Playful Kiss or Jang Kiss. Attention to details is also neglected.
    I hope you have read this…

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