K-pop idol groups continue run of success in Japan

It seems like the constant wave of K-pop idols heading to Japan for further promotions will continue for a long while.

On a recent episode of KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Tonight, which aired on the 4th, it was revealed how popular K-pop groups are in Japan, and how they’re quickly rising up the Oricon charts.

At a record shop in Tokyo, they revealed Japanese albums of various K-pop groups such as KARA, 4minute, and SNSD. Posters of the groups were also plastered on just about every wall, further proving their rising popularity.

Many Japanese fans are also happy that SNSD brought their famous song Genie rather then their cutesy Gee, mainly due to the unique choreography and the fact that the former song presents a much sexier side to the group.

KARA brought Mister to Japan due to the vibrant and energetic atmosphere the song presents. The song gets catchy fast, so it seems like a good decision to bring the booty-shaking song overseas first to attract a new wave of fans.

4minute exclaimed that the reason they enjoyed going into the Japanese market with I My Me Mine was because of the amount of Japanese fans they already had prior to their debut.

A critic from Japan also left a few comments, “In 2008, the Japanese music market was much smaller compared to now. Most of the current beats seem to have a Western feel, and maybe a bit too much Lady Gaga. The performances, however, are very eye-catching.”

What do you think? Do you like seeing your favorite idol groups expand into Japan, or would you rather see them continuously promote in Korea?


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