Infinite to become MCs alongside Kim Gura after 2 months of debut ‘hot topic’

Seven-member male idol group Infinite will become MCs for a new variety program just two months after debuting, making it a hot topic.

It will be a survival program that chooses the commercial model for NongShim’s ‘Raccoon’. For the show called ‘I Want It To Be You’, to be aired on cable channel KBS DRAMA, KBS JOY, nine girls were selected after an open audition. Through several weeks, they will do a survival-style show and choose the final one ‘Raccoon’ girl to be the commercial model.

Infinite plans to show a different images of themselves while MCing for the program with popular comedian Kim Gura.

At the open audition, which was the first filming, Infinite created a comfortable atmosphere by acting as MCs for the event and interviewing people who came to audition. It is said that Infinite is determined to conquer variety programs with this show.

Meanwhile, the winner of this survival program will be given a contact with NongShim, as well as a cash prize. KBS N’s ‘Star Making Survival, ‘I Want It To Be You”, starring Kim Gura and Infinite as MCs, will be aired for the first time on September 6th.



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