Two internet community sites charge Tablo for forgery

Last week, Epik High’s Tablo expressed that he had filed a charge with police, charging 22 netizens for defamation, all members of an internet community cafe named We Request the Truth From Tablo (TaJinYo). The cafe claimed that they would be fighting back with a lawyer, and it has been recently reported that another cafe will be joining them as well.

The 2nd cafe in question is named A World Where Information Is the Truth (SangShinSe), and they joined TaJinYo on the 3rd in charging Tablo for the forgery of private documents and diploma fabrication. They submitted 14 direct evidences, along with 22 presumptive evidences amounting in a bill of indictment totaling 15 pages. They also submitted 180 pages of corroborative facts along with the bill.

The cafe claimed that should the name Daniel Seonwoong Lee written on his documents be authentic, Tablo impersonated someone with the same name or committed an act of corruption with someone with the same name. They concluded by stating that if Tablo had revealed the truth properly and honestly, the controversy would not have had to reach such a point. Through this case, the cafe claimed that they hoped to put an end to the fabrication of diplomas and education backgrounds in Korea.

We’ve decided that the reveal of any sort of truth between the netizens and Tablo has become impossible with the situation reaching this point. We’ve reported this information to the police and the case is currently under investigation. We hope that the case will become solved as soon as possible in order to cure the curiosities of our nation.

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