Taeyang’s shirt sparks controversy

Big Bang’s Taeyang sure had a good day today due to his M!Countdown win, but his celebration is going to have stop for a second because he is caught up in controversy.

He wore a black wife beater that said “F*** You” on the back.  Fans noticed this and was surprised at the fact that he wore it on public TV.

Mnet said, “No program checks the artists’ outfits.  A program doesn’t get involved with an artist wearing something that is related to their concept.  M!Countdown is a live show so we didn’t know about this problem.”

Netizens wrote:

“I guess his stylist is an anti-fan.”
“G-Dragon did this too. Why are they doing that?”

It definitely wasn’t the smartest wardrobe choice, as such things just fuel netizens and anti-fans.


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  1. Momiji_Hunny_Bunny

    😮 I am kind of surprised… YB really doesn’t seem like the type to wear a shirt like that. Maybe he was having a off day, and decided to wear that shirt? lol l/k I hope people don’t give him too hard of a time about this. It’s just a shirt. :/

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