Overview of super big group Double B 21

Lately, there has been a hot interest for a mega enormous group Double B 21 which reportedly has 21 members. The group will consist of several sub-unit groups due to the fact that it will be difficult for all 21 members to perform on the on stage.
Below is a translated overview of the group:
Their concept:
– They will be active in Japan and Korea at the same time.
– If they will be broadcasted, they will be divided into three unit groups of 7 members. They will perform by 3 different groups.
– This group was produced by the producer of HOT, Shinhwa, TVXQ, etc known as Kim Kyung-wook producer.
– The single “ONE” is a medium tempo ballad composed by Ban Hyung-moon.
DOUBLE B Unit Groups:
Double B Unit Sky☰
Double B Unit Earth☷
Double B Unit River☵
Double B Unit Burning☲
DOUBLE B 21 has 3 unite groups and 1 unit of trainees so in total they have 4 groups.
Each unit name comes from the South Korean flag, the black lines represent the symbols on the flag.
(乾卦 : ☰)is sky, (坤卦: ☷)is earth, (坎卦: ☵)is water or river, and (離卦: ☲)is fire or burning.
The producer wanted to take the Korean flag and represent the Korean culture outside Korea. That’s why he decided to name the groups as such.

credits: Daum Music; Golden Goose Entertainment




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