Netizens choose Goo Hye Sun as female actress with best skin

Netizens have chosen Goo Hye Sun as the female actress with the most ceramic-like skin in a recent poll held on the community portal site, DC Inside.

The survey was held from August 24th till the 31st, and it asked, “Which female actress among these makeup models has the best ceramic-like skin?

Goo Hye Sun earned 1,442 votes out of the 4,343 total, coming in at #1 with 32.7%. True to her background as one of the first internet ulzzangs, one of Goo Hye Sun’s best features is her clear white skin, earning her the nickname, Flour Doll.

Park Shin Hye followed after, coming in at #2 with 16.3% of the votes, primarily due to her cute cheeks and milky skin. Go Hyun Jung came in at #3 with 7.9% of the votes, mainly for her ageless skin.


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  1. well hye sun,congratulation!…your my idol

  2. Goo hye sun the best!!!

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