SECRET caught in a plagiarism controversy?

Girl group, SECRET, has definitely gotten their name up there with their new song, Madonna, however, they seem to have gotten into another plagiarism controversy and this time, it’s not themselves.

On a Korean portal site, a new thread about the group plagiarizing is receiving much attention. The thread states, “I think SECRET plagiarized a track that my friend featured in.”

The two songs that are being compared are SECRET’s 3 Years 6 Months (from their first digital single album) and Bad Woman by an indie singer called Yae Han. There is about a year difference between the release dates, as SECRET released the song in 2009 and Yae Han in 2008. A video was included as proof, and the songs do happen to be similar. Check it out here.

Netizens have been stating that since indie singers are generally not well known to the public as much, it is easy for idol groups to plagiarize them with no issues.

Yae Han, who was surprised with the issue, stated, “I got wind about this in June, and contacted the entertainment company in July, explaining to them about the problem. It has been a month since but I still haven’t gotten a reply from them regarding this.”

On the other hand, SECRET’s company, TS Entertainment, stated, “We have contacted the song producer and he has responded that it was an absurd allegation. He even has the original file and the date it was created and think that it’s strange that the plagiarism accusations have come up long after the song’s release. In addition, the documents (from Yae Han) was sent to his previous office (song producer) and not his current one, explaining the non-response.”


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