CN Blue congratulates F.T Island!

The boy group CN Blue uploaded a photo of them with F.T Island, their “sunbae” band in the same agency, for being first in various music sites.

According to their agency, CN Blue posted a photo of themselves congratulating F.T. Island with a cake when they came to the practicing room, on their twitter on the 31st.

This celebration to from CN Blue to F.T. Island was for F.T Island’s second mini album title song, “Love Love Love”, which was released both online and offline on the 26th, coming 1st in main music sites’ popular charts in only two days.

The posted photo will probably be a special gift to female fans since it includes all nine handsome band members from CN Blue and F.T Island.

The agency has said that these two bands are not only from the same company but also are called the “brother bands”, because they have a lot in common. “They are growing up together, usually cheering and supporting each other in reality too. FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki has asked fans to support and cheer for CN Blue by writing on the internet at the time of their debut,” the agency said.

On the other hand, FT Island is currently busy with “Love Love Love”, and CN Blue is on an Asian tour at the moment.

Source: Naver


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