U-Kiss thanks fans on their 2nd year anniversary

Two years ago, U-Kiss debuted on Aug 28, 2008 through M! Countdown. The boys left messages of gratitude for their fans on their twitters and me2days.

Kevin tweeted on the 27th, saying, “Everyone~! It’s U-Kiss’s 2 year anniversary today~! WOO HOO! Thank you supporting us all the way~ We really love all of our fans! KISS ME ♥“.

Alexander announced on his twitter, “Morning folks! Congratulations on our 2nd anniversary~! Happy 2nd Anniversary to U-KISS~♥^-^ Schedule today! but raining! hv a nice day tho! Because of the rain, please be careful! God bless.”

Dongho said, “It’s been two years already. Thanks for loving us the last two years. Please continue to love us in the future.

Eli wrote, “Thank you so much for your continued support the last two years. We’ll work harder from now on.”

Kiseop said, “Fans! Thank you for always giving us strength. I love you. Congrats on our 2 year anniversary.”

Kibum expressed, “It’s been two years! There’s still a lot of time for us to be together in the future, right? Aja! I love you!”

Soohyun wrote, “Kiss Me my loves~ I will only say two things. Thank you and I love you.”

Congratulations to U-Kiss and all the Kiss Me’s out there!


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